Doggie Dash

Doggie Dash 2020

We know that fundraising during a pandemic can feel challenging.

But, we're all craving connection and looking to our pets for much-needed support.

Even though we won't be gathering together at the waterfront on October 3, we'll still have a bunch of online activities to bring us together. Join our team and get all the goodies from Oregon Humane Society to celebrate the amazing animals around us on October 3rd.

Every year, thousands of pets find loving homes through OHS. Some stayed just a few days, while others were there for months. Even right now, pets are getting adopted. Sancho, a German Shepherd who had been at the shelter for over six months, was recently adopted by his foster dad. Thankfully, OHS doesn’t have time limits. Pets get to stay there as long as it takes to find them the right home.

This important work is funded by donations from animal lovers like you. Please join our cause and make a donation or become one of our team members!

Doggie Dash This Year Will Look A Bit Different...

...but that's ok! We are resilient and we love helping animals.

In case you missed the news, Doggie Dash is still happening on Saturday, October 3, but with some changes for your safety! Instead of hosting a large event this year, the Oregon Humane Society will be bringing the Dash to you with at-home party kits. Join us as we embark on this new and exciting version of the Dash! Join our team to get updates directly from OHS! 

Every person who supports our Doggie Dash team is becoming part of something bigger. Your donation to Oregon Humane Society can help fight animal cruelty, heal injured pets and save the lives of thousands of shelter animals a year.

What You Can Look Forward To:

The lifesaving work of the Oregon Humane Society is only possible because of donors like you. OHS receives no tax dollars and is not affiliated with any national humane organization.

For all your hard work to help Oregon Humane Society with their fundraising goals, they want to give you a big thank you for every milestone you hit! From Doggie Dash t-shirts, to Custom pet stickers, to private wine tatsting or even a weekend stay in Sunriver! 

Thank-you gifts are offered to everyone who fundraises for any amount of milestone you are able to give. Fron a Doggie Dash t-shirt, to Thank-you gifts are cumulative, so you keep each prize as you raise more funds.